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2019 Fall Registration is Here!


Click HERE!

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Download the Registration Form and Parent Code of Conduct below,
Print, Fill out, and bring the forms to in-person Registration
on a Saturday scheduled at the Soccer Concession stand (see Calendar).

Age Eligibility 2019-2020 Playing Year

  • All new players must provide a copy of their birth certificate for VSA to keep on file.
  • To play in a Division, a child must meet a minimum age requirement on or before 31 DEC 2020.
  • Additionally, VSA permits players four (4) years of age on or before 31 JUL 2019 to participate in the 6U Division in the Fall Season if registration is available.
Division Birth Year Field
6 and Under (6U) 2015-2014 Small
8 and Under (8U) 2013-2012 Small
10 and Under (10U) 2011-2010 BreakOut
12 and Under (12U) 2009-2008 Mid-Size
14 and Under (14U) 2007-2006 Large
16 and Under (16U) 2005-2004 Large
19 and Under (19U) 2003-2001 Large

Fees; Family and Online Discounts

LATE REGISTRATION:  No Discount after midnight 03 AUG

  • Nonrefundable Registration Fee is $70 per child
  • Family Discount of $5 for the each additional sibling‚Äč
 Child  Cost
 First  $70 *
 Second +  $65 *
 Late  $75


* Additional Online Discount of $5 per child
with Processing Fee of 3% plus $1

Gender Specific Teams

Whenever possible,
we will be forming all Girls and all Boys teams
in as many Divisions as we are able
to encourage retention of players in the older levels
of "the Beautiful Game". 

with Age Eligibility questions.

with Registration questions.