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    Game Schedules on Our Website and App!

    Download the SportsEngine App to have your Player's Team schedule on your phone where it will be updated as our website is updated.

    Check the day's schedule and print your Division schedule from our website (Team schedule requires login to print).

    Please purchase a soccer ball of the correct size for your child's Playing Age / Division and cleats WITHOUT the toe cleat used in baseball and football.

    Check our FAQ page for more info here!

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      to game info
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      Get Paid to Support Van Soccer!

      Check out what it takes to become referee here!

      Referee Pay Schedule

      Age Div Center Line Min Grade
      6U $12 - 9
      8U $16 - 9
      10U $20 $10 8
      12U $24 $12 8
      14U $28 $14 8
      16U $32 $16 8
      19U $38 $19 7
      Adult $30 - -

      Code of Conduct


      • Be an encourager, not a critic, applauding good plays for both teams
      • Be kind to all children, volunteer coaches, and referees
      • Be an example of good sportsmanship in victory and defeat
      Remember:  This is for the kids!

      Rules, Rules, Rules

      Review the Laws of the Game 
      and the modified VSA & NTSSA Rules! 
      focusing on Player development by
      reducing field sizes and length of games 
      and MORE!

      Check out our FAQ page, too.



      I want to know more about...

      Player Development Initiatives and USSF mandates approved by NTSSA
      creating changes for 2016 Fall and beyond.

      When is heading allowed?

      Approved Rule changes regarding heading the ball were approved 
      at the July 2017 NTSSA Annual General Meeting (AGM)
      and August VSA General Meeting
      as a part of Risk Management and Player Safety.

      Get to know what we are doing to keep your child from a lifetime injury.

      Concussion Awareness

      Click on the image to the left
      to watch a 12 min video titled "Concussions in Soccer"

      9 triggers or signs of a possible concussion event are:

      • Motor un-coordination
      • Loss of consciousness or lying motionless on field
      • Slow to get up
      • Unsteady walk
      • Falling to the ground
      • Grabbing or clutching the head
      • Dazed or confused
      • Blank or vacant look
      • Facial cut in association with any of the above

      All Players who leave the field for serious injury, possible concussion, MUST be evaluated by a Health Care Professional (Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, or Certified Trainer) before being allowed to return to play.